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Day Trip To Moriah Chapel Home Of The Welsh Revival

Moriah Chapel in Loughor is known throughout the world as the birthplace of the 1904 Welsh Revival. The chapel is located in a residential area in the small town of Loughor near Swansea, South Wales. It is 7 miles to the west of the city of Swansea and five miles east of the town of Llanelli.

The Chapel is know for the start of the historic Welsh Revival. The Revival started in a prayer meeting in the Moriah school room on 31 October 1904, when Mr Roberts was a 26 years old. Many Revival services were subsequently held in the main chapel. Meetings lasted until the early hours of the morning and attracted people who wouldn’t normally worship. People forgave their enemies, paid their debts and returned things they had stolen. Drunkenness and crime reduced dramatically as people’s lives were changed.

It was a great day out and a long one but enjoyed by all. We cover all trips to any churches or chapels in the UK.

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